Our Actual Project: Shell Oil Refinery – Wesseling

Er-Petro is very specialised in Heat Exchanger repairing,refurbishing,cleaning,disassembling,manufacturing.


Er-Petro Has Completed Its Mission In Shell – Köln Godorf Oil Refinery

Subject of the Project: Maintenance and repairs of Heat-Exchangers and Colonnes.


Our latest project in Libya

Stack Maintenance Project in LISCO, Libya in 2014  


Er-Petro in Niger

Er-Petro had acquired an exploration authorization in the North-Western part of The Republic of Niger. Our experts are going to travel soon to Niger to conduct geological exploration works.


Er-Petro Finished Asbestos Abetement Project in Libya, Misratah

The Libyan Iron and Steel Company has accepted the final handover documentation of our Asbestos Abatement Project  with full satisfaction as to the accomplished work.


Heat Treatment Unit

This project is the next step of  the Asbestos Abetement Service, which introduces a  Heat Treatment Service. More details on the work: The main aim of the project is the incineration of the remaining ACM ( Asbestos Containing Material) in the Libian […]


Mining Opportunities in Niger and in Chad

The Geo- and Hydrological Department of Er-Petro already had a site visit in both countries and is awaiting  the upcoming processed data related these projects.


A more than 5-year-old story is closing to an end

We are part of an international team preparing the actualization of dozens of geological map sheets of Libya.


Painting and repairing of high facilities inside LISCO

After the successful re-painting and coating the metal structure of the two chimneys as part of the Power Plant in the Libyan Iron and Steel Company, we move forward to the chimneys of the Desalination Plant. After a preliminary survey, […]