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Heat Treatment Unit

This project is the next step of  the Asbestos Abetement Service, which introduces a  Heat Treatment Service. More details on the work: The main aim of the project is the incineration of the remaining ACM ( Asbestos Containing Material) in the Libian Iron and Steel Company. The heat unit is changing  the structure of the Asbestos fibres,it ignites such a  high […]

Painting and repairing of high facilities inside LISCO

After the successful re-painting and coating the metal structure of the two chimneys as part of the Power Plant in the Libyan Iron and Steel Company, we move forward to the chimneys of the Desalination Plant. After a preliminary survey, Er-Petro field engineers had examined  the condition of the chimneys of the  Desalination Plant. It […]

For the Healthier and Safer Environment we Bringing the Technology to North-Africa

  This project is the next step of Asbestos Abetement Service, which introduces a  Heat Treatment Service. More inside this work: The main plot of the project is the incineration of the remaining ACM ( Asbestos Containing Material) in the Libian Iron and Steel Company. The Heat Unit is changing  in the structure of the Asbestos Fibres,it ignites so […]

Er-Petro Expands its International Activities by Industrial Diver Services!

We at Er-Petro, constantly trying to be a company worth for the client’s trust. We maintaine it with continues innovative programs inside the company, such as setting up new branch offices worldwide or expand the working sectors we participate in the present. Er-Petro have the necessary both in height and underwater. We deliver the expertise […]

Look Ahead – Mining in Niger – 2014

Er-Petro management decided to investigate solid mineral exploration and production opportunities in the Republic of Niger. Currently Er-Petro is evaluating copper and gold mining potential and expects to start field survey in 2014 September. An area of approx. 2000 km2 has been selected for initial exploration.      

Fact-Finding mission in Chad – 2014

Er-Petro’s geologist delegation have visited Chad and met with State Representatives and local authorities to discuss the geological exploration and water supply opportunities in Chad.      

The Libyan Industrial Research Centre – 2014

Er-Petro Ltd. have signed a supplement documentation with the Industrial Research Centre about the mapping in Kufrah. Our job is to actualize 12 map sheets -which we have to produce a 1000 copies from each- within the new  framework of public administration.