Cartographie environnementale

Nous offrons des services de cartographie environnementale pour le génie civil, les consultants en environnement, les universités et pour les industriels.

A partir de ces données, Er-Petro peut fournir des cartes topographiques, cartes basées sur images, cartes thématiques et.La technique de cartographie intègre de nombreux fichiers de données dans un seul composant dans le Système d’InformaLa cartographie de sensibilitétions Géographiques (SIG).

La cartographie de sensibilité environnementale est utilisée dans un planning utilisé sur terrain pour les minérais et autres formes de développement. Elle peut être utilisée pour aider et expliquer la prise de décision durant la procédure de consultation.

Geological Mapping

Geological mapping is done to show geological features. Geological mapping generates essential information on the distribution, composition, structure, alteration, origin of rock unit and their evolution in space and time. The extensive and validated geodata on field work can be contributed for developing scientific hypotheses and models.

Our mapping division capabilities encompass the entire process from fieldwork and data capture to map production. Modern fieldwork and data management is supported by Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), this will help to complete the geological mapping and analysis of geologic observations.

At Er-Petro, all geological mapping information and other data sets are digitally managed and archives, using GIS maps and relational databases with high-quality map production.

Hydro Geological Mapping

Hydrogeology combines many aspects of science and engineering including geology, chemistry, physics, geophysics, biology, soil science, mathematics, and computer applications. Hydrogeology plays a key role in the planning, design, and implementation of many types of projects including groundwater resource conservation, development and restoration for domestic, agricultural, and industrial purposes.

Hydrogeological investigations have been completed for the development of groundwater supplies, geothermal resources, exfiltration of stormwater. Assessments of hydrogeological have also included contaminated sites, construction dewatering, development of groundwater flow models, and groundwater wells potentially under the direct influence of surfacewater (GUDI).

With you, our hydrogeologists work alongside our engineers, environmental consultants, planners, surveyors and GIS consultants to arrive at integrated solutions.

Er-Petro has global hydrogeological experience in groundwater resource assessment, aquifer storage and recovery (ASR), mine dewatering, aquifer depressurisation, groundwater management and environmental assessment, salinity, acid sulfate soils (ASS) and acid and metalliferous drainage (AMD).

We work together with you to develop solutions that are both innovative and cost-efficient.

Hydro Geological Services:

  • Groundwater exploration, resource assessment and development
  • Water management plans
  • Geophysical investigations
  • Environmental Impact Assessments and management plans
  • Environmental water requirements
  • Environmental auditing and environmental performance reporting
  • Groundwater-surface water interaction
  • Groundwater dependent ecosystems
  • Hydrogeological mapping