Er-Petro’s Asbestos Project Has Reached its final acceptance by the client, LISCO – Safety & Environment Department, with no QA/QC remark.

Our construction experts completed the fundation, the roof and almost finished the walling of the plant.

We are at the stage of assembling the Unit itself.

We will keep you updated, with photos and news!

Stay tuned!

Er-Petro is very specialised in Heat Exchanger repairing,refurbishing,cleaning,disassembling,manufacturing.

Stack Maintenance Project in LISCO, Libya in 2014


You can find the printed brochures related to each working area, we participate in.

Er-Petro had acquired an exploration authorization in the North-Western part of The Republic of Niger. Our experts are going to travel soon to Niger to conduct geological exploration works.

The Libyan Iron and Steel Company has accepted the final handover documentation of our Asbestos Abatement Project  with full satisfaction as to the accomplished work.