Er-Petro performs commercial diving works, since 1996, in still and flowing water, underwater and closed areas unfit for breathing gas, in murky, industrial or municipal wastewaters.

Commercial diving is a term used to define underwater industrial construction works.

The training required for a commercial diving career is challenging, the demand for qualified commercial divers is intense. Commercial divers must be good mechanics and construction workers – the basic job is similar to mechanic and construction jobs inland – only the environment is different.

Er-Petro’s Commercial divers dedicate a strong emphasis on safety and preparation – every dive begins with a safety brief, and the work plan for the day is scrutinized due to the high cost and limitations of commercial diving. The dangerous nature of this job requires a professional and serious attitude.

Industrial underwater works as:

  • Demolition of metal structures
  • Oxygen torch cuttings
  • Surface treatments and replacement works
  • Sludge pumping
  • Soil and rock removal by explosive

Underwater concrete work, mechanical installations,surveys and repair works, pipeline construction of protective covering, or breakdown is carried out.Perform offshore oil or gas exploration or extraction duties, such as conducting underwater surveys or repairing and maintaining drilling rigs or platforms.Inspect and test docks, ships, boyage systems, plant intakes or outflows, or underwater pipelines, cables, or sewers, using closed circuit television, still photography, and specialised testing equipment.

We are specialised in ultrasonic rear and scanning radar, ultrasonic thickness gauge corrosion control and electrical instruments.We do hydrologic, hydraulic, hydro-geological, topographic mapping surveys, data, mapping.In particular, exploration of karst resources, construction of water-producing wells.We conduct surveys of underwater wrecks, marine barriers, objects detection, highlighting, demolition, metal detector search for objects, river bottom survey and scanning ultrasonic beams.We build, tear or explode underwater, floodgates, pump stations, water intake works, utility tunnels, water pipes and other water conservation equipment.

All equipment, tools and instruments required for the above works we have acquired.
Members of our company have the following qualifications:

  • 3 STAR CMAS diving instructor;
  • NITROX instructor;
  • NAUI special instructor;
  • Naseem instructor and examiner;
  • 2-trimix technical diving instructor
  • MKBT cave leading research (No. 088 up.) (Mapping, surveying skills.)
  • Compressor controls 39/1977 06-06-03;
  • Explosion-leading M-03-61 A, E, F;
  • Crane operator
  • Transport and building water diver NQR 33 5642 06;
  • International industrial DIVER diving COMMERCHIONAL CERT: No. 4101 CLASS III.

Our company is a member of the National Association of technical divers, and has the material and personal conditions that comply with the IEC 20358:2002. standard.