Studies & Analyses

Field data collection

Our geological services include exploration and assessment of energy and mineral commodities. Accurate geological assessments are critical to successful resource development. The resulting strategies meet our clients’ needs with scientifically sound analyses from an impartial perspective.
Our geologists employ leading-edge technology such as three-dimensional geological modeling, mine planning, and reservoir engineering software to manage and analyze the collected data for maximum utilization and value. They are also experts at planning, managing, and executing the required drilling and site data collection programs to meet our client’s objectives. A good combination of experience, technology and best practices result in accurate and reliable resource assessments that can advance your project from initial financing through to final development.


Throughout the last two decades we have accumulated extensise knowledge and experience in the fields of geology, hydrogeology, enviroment management and pullution controll, starting from satelite image analyses, through evaluations of previous existing data, – up-to designs of a dynamic, state-wide database of maps, sat images, geophysical interpretations, compiled into a GIS.

We use both ESRI and INTERGRAPH products, according to the wishes of our client but we are ready to apply any GIS brands, even to develop custom tailored systems and networks to suit our client best.

Our services:

  • Elaboration of RDBMS
  • Setting up data rooms
  • Supplying digital and blueprint results to the client or to the public
  • Organizing data safety and security