Desert Services

„With 20 years of experience behind us,  we can declare we are experienced in desert.
Innovation did not stop from the very first hit with the geological hammer troughout the Geological Information System (GIS) till the very recent technology advancements we use.”

Studies and Analyses

We offer our expertise to the customers as studies and analyses

Supervision and Consultancy Services
We can provide unique and comprehensive supervisory and advisory service in the fields of Geological Services

We have been providing accurate, quality mapping services to a variety of business sectors.

Environmental Mapping
The Environmental Mapping is aiming at monitoring and characterising the Earth’s environment on a global scale.

Geological Mapping
Geologic maps are our most important and complete compilation of information about the solid Earth we live on

Hydrogeological Mapping
Hydrogeological maps bring basic geological information together with data on the hydraulic and hydrochemical characteristics of the rocks and their usefulness for groundwater supply.