Heat Exchangers

Site services as Cleaning and Re-furbishing and Re-wamping

Heat exchangers are a part of a process and, if fouling or scaling occurs, the temperature of the heating fluid will rise if the same amount of heat is to be transferred through the tubes. This temperature rise must be associated either with an increase in the total energy input to the process or a reduction in production rate, both of which represent a cost incurred due to fouling and scaling. Clearly, in order to make intelligent economic decisions, these costs must be quantified at a series of points in time and, preferably in relation to the fouling resistance as well. To improve the performance of fouled heat exchangers requires that the tubes be cleaned periodically.

Each time the tube deposits, sedimentation, bio-fouling and obstructions are removed, the tube surfaces are returned almost to bare metal, providing the tube itself with a new life cycle, the protective oxide coatings quickly rebuilding themselves to re-passivate the cleaned tube.

The complete process includes the followings:

  • Assessment of the conditions of the heat exchanger
  • Decide the method of re-wamping
  • Disassembling
  • Cleaning
  • Repairs where necessary
  • Assembly
  • Pressure test

Cleaning without disassembly

In case the operation conditions do not permit complete disassembly, or simply the heat-exchanger/boiler is not in critical conditions yet, sometimes it is enough to clean the unit without opening. In such cases, we apply our robot-cleaners, by entering through the cleaner-valve and remove all precipitants and sludge. The sludge is then collected, refined and sent back to the refinery for further processing, thus saving significant time, costs and material for the client.

Conventional Cleaning

In most cases, where the heat-exchanger/boiler was used for longer times, the jetting without opening and disassembly is not enough already. Great care must be taken to avoid damaging any tube-sheet or tube coatings which may be present; otherwise the successful removal of fouling deposits may become associated with new tube leaks or increased tube sheet corrosion, which are only revealed after the unit has been brought back on-line.

Chemicals are also used for the off-line cleaning of heat exchanger tubes. Several mildly acidic products are available and will remove more deposit than most other methods; but it is expensive, takes longer for the operation to be completed and the subsequent disposal of the chemicals, an environmental hazard, creates its own set of problems. It has also been found quite frequently that some residual material will still need to be removed by mechanical cleaning methods. For off-line mechanical cleaning, the tool selected has to be the most appropriate for removing a particular type of deposit.

Molded plastic cleaners (pigs) are quite popular for some light silt applications. Brushes can also be used to remove these soft deposits as well as some types of microbiological deposit. Brushes are also useful for cleaning tubes with enhanced surfaces (e.g. spirally indented or finned); or those tubes with thin wall metal inserts or epoxy type coatings. With harder types of deposit, metal cleaners of various designs have been developed, often with a particular deposit in mind.


For low-budget operations, the used heat exchangers may be re-wamped and renewed. We offer the repair of all kinds of heat-exchangers from copper piped to multiple coaxial stainless steel models. These repairs can extend the life of the units significantly. We re-condition most frames, and provide them as low-cost options for identical customer model units. However, together, using both refurbished plates and frame components, we’re able to design an entire unit as well. It’s all about saving the customer money.  Whether you need an industrial, sanitary or marine heat exchanger, Er-Petro offers the most comprehensive stock of available refurbished full unit heat exchangers.

We can usually put together a solution for your requirements using refurbished parts.  

  • Custom-designed heat exchangers using refurbished plates and brand new frames and gaskets
  • We can size a used heat exchanger to adjusted thermal requirements
  • Looking for a specific model of used plates? We stock many refurbished plate models.

New Heat Exchangers

We undertake manufacturing of pressure vessels; boilers and heat exchangers of any size from any ferrous material. Er-Petro offers low pressure solar heating system components such as stainless steel and carbon steel heat exchangers, connecting systems and the heating solar panels themselves. We offer high pressure and high temperature systems as well, for specific use. We build vessels, tanks, heat exchangers and boiler components from the vine industry through chemical plants to nuclear power plants of any sizes and models. You may find our works between the North Pole to South Africa, from East to West, from USA to Chile.

Be one of our customers and enjoy the leisure of high tech, precision and top quality!