Industrial Alpinist Services

Industrial Alpinist Services(Climbers)

Alpinist_nagykep1Any facade without constant maintenance becomes an ugly appearance over time. Industrial dust, gases and other factors have a negative impact on the cover of the surfaces and structures. If you have high objects (chimneys, cranes, tall buildings, radio towers, etc.) to work on, or the working area is difficult to access, our top qualified collegues will do the job without time consuming scaffoldings, using specialised climbing equipment.

We take into account the individual features of each object: we study the most appropriate finishing materials and coatings, we analyze the degree of contamination and location and we propose the best solution available. The need for industrial alpinism keeps growing every year. The current day safety equipment provides possibilities to avoid high costs and long time of safety railings and scaffoldings by applying industrial professional climbers.

Industrial alpinism is most often used when access to certain structures and elements of buildings is limited and the use of standard methods of work is problematic.


Corrosion Control and Painting of high objects

The sheer height of some high rise painting projects can make them a logistical nightmare. These complicated projects require not just knowledge of painting, but also scaffolding and other skills not commonly required by your average painting job. Luckily for you, Er-Petro has trained professionals who will take care of all your needs in High Rise Painting jobs.

Our team will work with you from start to finish to make sure every detail of your project is completed. Our high rise painting services are perfect for new construction, as well as any type of restoration project. Our experienced craftsmen are skilled working with scaffolding, rigging, and suspended access equipment, so we will find a way to work with the layout of any facility. We can work on exteriors, including balconies, as well as interiors, including hallways, stairwells, and lobbies. In addition to painting services, we can also offer elastomeric coatings, caulking, and waterproofing service for all of your high rise projects