Turbines & Heat Exchangers

Manufacturing Heat Exchangers and Turbine components

During our 25 years of experience in the European market, we dealt with material ranging from normal carbon steel through all alloys of stainless steel to titanium, applying the most appropriate welding technology during the manufacture of various heat-exchangers, boiler-components, vessels, tanks and even components and parts of turbines. All welding engineering, – for low or high pressure – including in-house-quality control services are undertaken by our own team. All our external quality controls are done by TÜV.

Safety is our top of line priority throughout Er-Petro. Our safety policy and rules cover everyone, from top management to the last cleaning person. We hold an S.C.C. (Safety Controlled Companies) license since 2003.
The most rigorous safety controls, external safety audits by TÜV result in extremely low occurrence of technical and human accidents.


  • Laser, plasma and friction welding, manual or automated welding by coded welders
  • Manufacture of steam boilers, high and low pressure vessels, different type of high and low pressure coil, plate, box and vessel type heat exchangers from copper, brass, aluminum, enamel coated black steel, stainless steel alloys as Duplex, Inconnel Hastelloy, AISI 304, 316 etc., and Titanium
  • Special high pressure heat exchangers, fittings, vessels and boilers for the chemical industry
  • Manufacture, repair or re-engineering of components and spare-parts of gas and steam turbines
  • Laser and plasma cutting

Areas of industries:

  • Chemical and Petrochemical
  • Food and diary
  • Plastic
  • Waste water treatment
  • Solar industry
  • Energy conservation and environment industry
  • Agriculture industry