Gas turbines & Steam turbines

For operators of gas turbines in the power generation and oil & gas industry, ER-PETRO provides a wide range of spare parts. Our extensive inventory includes refurbished parts and new OEM parts. We also provide refurbished and used serviceable components, giving cost effective options, aligned with both your operational needs and project deadlines. Delivering quality parts that ensure the performance of your equipment, we provide parts certified to industry standards.

With our inventory and logistics support, ER-PETRO deliveres blades, vanes, combustion components, casings, fuel nozzles, hot gas path components, compressor rotor blades and stators, inlet guide vanes, shafts, skid ancillaries, turbine disc and rotor assemblies.

New and Used Serviceable Parts
For best function of your critical turbine components our skilled and experienced technicians use inspection and advanced technology repair processes to ensure both performance and reliability in service. With refurbished and used serviceable parts we optimize the service life of your turbine. We also hold stocks of new OEM spare parts to meet your planned and unplanned outage requirements.

Control Systems

To serve operators of gas and steam turbines, ER-PETRO provides a range of options to ensure your control systems operate safely and efficiently. With an independent ‘open platform’ approach, our technical specialists select from both PLC and ‘built for purpose’ control systems to deliver the best solution for your turbine and mechanical drive packages. Huge industry experience with turbine control systems produces a low-risk, long term control and lowers overall plant operating costs.

To optimize the performance of your control system, our technicians serve as designers, system integrators, installers and maintainers for all aspects of the control system platform. Our technical specialists select from both ‘off the shelf’ and ‘built for purpose’ control systems to deliver the best solution for your power generation and mechanical drive packages.We help you increase rotating equipment availability and improve plant efficiency, ensuring reductions in fuel consumption and emissions.

Our wide range of controls solutions include:
Gas turbine, steam turbine & BOP systems
Design/ build of complete or partial retrofit control systems
Generator voltage excitation, regulation & protection
Process compressor anti-surge & performance (operational) control
Vibration monitoring
Fuel, NOx, steam & water metering upgrades
Network, operator interface, historian & data management services
Instrumentation enhancements – transmitters, switches & solenoids
Turnkey site services including installation, commissioning & field service support
Fuel system upgrades – metering, isolation valves & regulators

Field Service

Our field services are delivered to operators of rotating equipment by skilled engineers, supervisors and qualified technicians. We have extensive experience of servicing small, aero-derivative and heavy industrial gas turbines, steam turbines, pumps, compressors, reciprocating machinery and all ancillary equipment.

On both a planned and call-out basis, our team operates with support from centralized engineering and technical resources to meet your operational requirements. Our aim, while complying with all QHSE standards, is to minimize downtime and improve the performance of your plant.

Our wide range of field services include:

-Minor and major overhauls
-Routine inspections & repairs
-Borescope inspections
-Valve, bearing and seal inspections
-Removal, installation & commissioning of mechanical equipment
-Fault finding, tuning & controls diagnostic support
-Optical & laser alignment
-Heavy rigging, lifting & transportation
-Replacement of aging turbines with modern technologies

On-site: Rotor blading removal & replacement, welding services, steam path remediation, generator testing & repair, & technical direction
As a world-class field service organization dedicated to customer service on gas and steam turbines in power and oil & gas applications, ER-PETRO provides expertise, capability and equipment to make your maintenance shutdown a rewarding experience. We focus on the overall shutdown schedule, technical performance and cost management to complete your maintenance on time and within budget.

Project Management
Whether it is one unit or a fleet, ER-PETRO has the capability to manage large projects or annual maintenance overhauls. We provide support for all site efforts and will source scaffolding, insulation, valve repair, off-site shop repair, parts and labor to ensure your shutdown runs smoothly and efficiently.

Gas Turbine Tuning
Combustion dynamics tuning involves optimizing the fuel to air ratio of the combustion system to maintain emissions within compliance levels, maintain flame stability, and keep dynamic pressure pulsations in the combustion system to a minimum. Dynamics tuning can be performed on-site or remotely using advanced techniques developed by us.