Water Treatment & Water Supply

Water Supply

New water management strategies are needed around the world. With mounting population, over-tapped rivers, extended droughts, severely damaged aquatic ecosystems, and the likelihood of future impacts of climate change, policy makers face increasing challenges in providing reliable water supplies. Managers and entrepreneurs are pursuing a growing number of proposals for long-distance water supply pipelines. Some of these projects are extremely large in scale and would stretch for hundreds of kilometres, raising fundamental questions for water policymakers and the public.

Design and Construction of Water Treatment Plants

We belive at Er-Petro that our environment comes first, but sometimes it is incompatible with the industrial sector, to create and maintain an industry, and protect the surrouding environment at the same time. Er-Petro carries out studys, analyses, design engineering, construction of water treatment systems, facilities and water supply management plans. We also manage operation and maintenance, technical assistance for operations and processes and emergency plans for water treatment facilities.

All of these services can be applied to drinking water treatment plants, process and service water treatment plants (cooling towers, boilers, closed circuits); industrial water treatment plants; auxiliary treatment plants for industrial and private demand.

Er-Petro field engineers are experienced in the industry, providing the highest level of application and service expertise available. We inspect every phase of the treatment, including pretreatment systems, feedwater quality, boiler internals, fireside conditions, condensate return, chemical feed and testing and blowdown control systems. Whether for steam boilers or for hot water boiler treatment, our specialists are able to provide guidance and recommendations that maximize system reliability at an economical cost. The chemical components are analysed and determined, slag and scale deposits and the mechanisms by which they formulate are studied and solutions are provided to avoid them. Deposits and corrosion can lead to boiler tube failures that result in costly repairs and downtime. Boiler deposits are problematic as they typically contain undesirable levels of metal oxides, mineral scale, sludge, or various combinations.